Sheltersofpraise.org is our flagship site that houses several other websites created to serve Jesus Christ by helping God’s people to have a deeper walk with God the Father, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit.

    • agapedrops.com— a site for encouraging God’s people and helping them to be lifted up in the spirit.
    • praytheworld.org — a prayer site calling God’s people to pray for specifics.
    • celebritypray.com — a prayer site where we can all pray for celebrities.
    • promisesofGod.org – a site listing the promises of God.
    • whoisJesus.us– an evangelistic site devoted to the proclamation of the good news of Jesus Christ.
    • praiseoffering.com— a site for God’s people who give all praise for all things to our Father and Jesus Christ.
    • iamanewcreation.com— a site dedicating to helping God’s people know their identity in Christ.

    To carry on the work of God’s Kingdom, please feel free to share with others the above sites’ URL. Thank you and God bless.


    Now, a little bit of Shelters of Praise so you can get to know who we are.

    Shelters of Praise was started with the passion for revival and bringing the lost into God’s Kingdom.

    As an organization, we believe every word in the Holy Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Our goal is to serve Jesus Christ.

    Over the years, our team has ministered and reached out to the poor, the homeless, U.S. veterans and people of different ethnicities and religious beliefs.  We have ministered in several venues including churches, convalescent homes, homeless shelters and Bible Study groups.

    Shelters of Praise is serving Jesus Christ in:

    1. Evangelism to bring the lost into God’s Kingdom.
    2. Encouragement to people all over the world.
    3. Preaching and teaching God’s Word.
    4. Virtual prayer network.

    Our motto:  Love God the Father, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit.